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Whether you or your business needs a contract drafted, reviewed, or negotiated take your First Step with us. In addition to the contacts listed below we provide other agreements that may be of benefit to your situation. Our contracts differ from form contracts posted online, as they offer a one size fits all solution. However, each agreement contains different parties, facts and situations and those factors should be taken into consideration to properly protect you or your business, and help reach your desired result.


Employee/ Independent Contractor Agreements

Distinguishing someone who works for your business as an employee or an independent contractor may affect the tax liability of your business. Classifying a person as an employee or independent contractor may also have legal implications concerning the liability of your business for that person’s actions. After the distinction is made, it is in the best interest of your business to get it in writing.


Service Agreements

Some businesses provide services to their clients, and this should be memorialized in writing to better ensure that your client/customer can be held accountable for holding their end of the deal, which is usually payment for your services. Different industries provide different services and thus require different terms in the agreement. Make sure you protect yourself, and get a service agreement in writing before offering your services.

Operating Agreement/Partnership Agreement

An Operating Agreement is a contract to detail how a Limited Liability Company will be operated. Even a single member LLC may have an operating agreement.


A Partnership Agreement is a contract between two or more persons for the purpose of managing and operating a business together.


An Operating Agreement or Partnership Agreement should include:

  • liability for taxes, lawsuits and other financial obligations;

  • procedures for voting on business matters;

  • procedures for bringing in new partners or members;

  • how a manager can be elected;

  • how often profits are distributed;

  • and more!!!


Having an Operating Agreement or Partnership Agreement helps all parties involved in the business understand their role and how business should be conducted. Another benefit to having one of these Agreements is that the Agreement makes your business more attractive to investors or banks to give you funding for your business.


Without an Operating Agreement your LLC will be governed by Fla. Stat. §605. State law provides for default rules in the event you encounter a legal issue with your LLC. In addition, without a Partnership Agreement, your partnership will be governed by Fla. Stat. §620. Rather than defer to the state default for your business, there are great benefits to tailoring an agreement to meet the needs of your business. Protect your business! Protect your Dream!


Joint Venture Agreement

A Joint Venture is very similar to a Partnership, but is more limited in its scope and duration. An agreement that properly outlines the relationship is critical to distinguishing a Joint Venture from a Partnership, which can have an impact on limiting liability for the actions a party involved in a Joint Venture.


Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA)

It is imperative you protect your ideas before presenting them to potential investors or other people you plan on collaborating with. Having a comprehensive NDA tailored to the needs of your idea or trade secret would protect you from needless litigation and possible antitrust violations.


Commercial Leases

Whether you are looking to lease a storefront, warehouse, or space in a shopping center, your commercial lease grants you a set of rights and obligations to your landlord. It is very important you understand the terms of your lease, as it is a legally binding contract that can bind you and your business to its terms for years. Most leases are heavily in the favor of the landlord, by having a lawyer review your lease, you may save a great deal of time and money by avoiding a commitment to terms that are not favorable to you and your business.


Distribution Agreements

A business that supply goods or distribute goods for resale should have a distribution agreement in writing to outline the responsibilities and obligations of the parties. This prevents legal issues that may arise between the parties such as product liability issues, taxes, a definition of the relationship of the parties in the contract for liability purposes, duration of the agreement, exclusivity, and more.


Trademark Licensing Agreements

The protection of your or your business’s intellectual property is critical to maintaining the quality and reputation of your brand. A Trademark Licensing Agreement gives another party permission to use your intellectual party for a defined purpose, geographical location, and time. This can be used as a tool to generate more income for your business.

We offer contracts and agreements in addition to those listed above. If you are not sure what you need to incorporate in your contract or if you even need a contract, call us today so we can help you determine the best plan of action to take regarding your transaction. Take the First Step and book a consultation today!

Influencer/Brand Ambassador/Endorsement Agreements

Social Media has provided a new avenue to generate income by being an influencer or brand ambassador for a wide range of businesses and corporations. The law has caught up with technology and it is important that your contract addresses issues such as trademarks, copyrights, and FTC compliance to name a few.

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